Filmmaker (and former SDS activist) Helen Garvy is available to speak with the film, on campuses or to local groups.  Fees vary depending on when, where, and who, but we’re quite flexible (and we try to arrange speaking tours to allow us to include campuses and groups that don't have much money).  Helen is often joined by Robert Pardun and/or others in the film. 

Helen Garvy (director/producer) was a founder of the Harvard SDS chapter, spent 1964-5 in the SDS national office as assistant national secretary, then worked in an SDS community organizing project in New Jersey and later taught in an alternative school in San Francisco.  She has been making films for 20 years.  She is also the author of Before You Shoot:  A Guide to Low-Budget Film & Video Production.

Robert Pardun (one of the people interviewed in the film) was a founder of the University of Texas SDS chapter in 1964 and later a regional organizer.  He spent 1967-8 in the SDS national office as internal education secretary.  He is also the author of Prairie Radical:  A Journey Through The Sixties.

 For further information on speaking engagements contact:

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