A collective memoir of the hopes, rebellions, and repression of the 1960s
 by Helen Garvy

 260 pages
Illustrated with photos and graphics.     $18

 Interviews with members of Students for a Democratic Society:  

Jane Adams,  Bill Ayers,  Carolyn Craven,  Carl Davidson, Bernardine Dohrn,  Alice Embree,  Dick Flacks,  Todd Gitlin,  Carol Glassman,  Juan Gonzalez,  Alan Haber, Casey Hayden,  Tom Hayden, Mark Kleiman,  Sue Eanet Klonsky,  Sharon Jeffrey Lehrer,  Steve Max, Jeff Shero Nightbyrd,  Carl Oglesby,  Robert Pardun,  Judy Schiffer Perez, Bob Ross,  Vivian Leburg Rothstein,  Mike Spiegel,  Elizabeth Stanley, Marilyn Salzman Webb,  Cathy Wilkerson,  Junius Williams 

Based on the film REBELS WITH A CAUSE — with much new material added.

 “This film captures the way it was then, from the tentative beginnings, through the incisive analyses and impassioned organizing, right through the marches and the demonstrations and the confrontations, and on to the agonizing and explosive conclusion.  Remarkably, it’s here — the passion, naiveté, courage, intelligence, commitment, and accomplishment — it’s all here.  With a cause, indeed!”

(Kirkpatrick Sale, historian and author of SDS)

REBELS WITH A CAUSE is absolutely indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the political and cultural change in the 1960s.  It vividly explains why educated young people decided to devote their lives to transforming the nation and the world.”
      (Michael Kazin, Professor of History, Georgetown, University)

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